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PA Driving Regulations

The Vehicle Code (Title 75) 3327. Duty of driver in emergency response areas
The Steer Clear law, which went into effect Sept. 8, 2006, requires motorists to move into a lane that is not adjacent to an emergency response area. If drivers cannot move over because of traffic or other conditions, they must reduce their speed. In cases where law enforcement may not be present, the law allows road workers and emergency responders to report violations by motorists. Law enforcement can issue citations based on these reports. Failure to move over or slow down can result in a summary offense that carries a fine of up to $250. In addition, fines will be doubled for traffic violations occurring in work zones areas. If that violation leads to a worker being injured, a 90-day license suspension could result.

The Vehicle Code (Title 75) 3325. Duty of driver on approach of emergency vehicle.
Certain vehicles have sirens and flashing red lights or a combination of flashing red and blue lights. The lights assist emergency vehicles to move quickly through traffic and to answer emergency calls. When you hear a siren or see a vehicle approaching from any direction with flashing red lights or a combination of red and blue lights, you must:

  • Pull over to the curb or side of the road and stop.
  • Drive parallel and as near to the curb as possible. On one-way streets, drive toward the nearest roadside and stop.
  • Stay clear of intersections.
  • Start driving again after the emergency vehicle passes you, keeping at least 500 feet away from it.
  • Make sure another emergency vehicle is not coming.

General Resources

When should you go to the Emergency Department?
The American College of Emergency Physicians provided these Guidelines

Emergency Information
Emergency responders need information from you about your past medical history, medications, and allergies in order to properly assess your condition and develop a treatment plan. In addition, this information may be given to the hospital prior to your arrival to help them in their preparations to treat you.

Print and fill in this form to help you prepare

EMS, Emergency physicians and pediatricians provide medical care to many children with special needs because of chronic, complex medical illnesses. Care of these children may be complicated by the lack of patient history information, and unusual and uncommon disease processes. Therefore the American College of Emergency Physicians recommends this form.

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